Groundpool International

The innovative solution to Ground Service Equipment.  
Groundpool International is working with the best brands, backed by one of the largest aviation finance houses in the world. 

Summary of Benefits

  • Operational resilience, flexibility and increased capacity without massive investment
  • Equal levels of on-gate services to airlines, whether using contact stands, or remote parking bays
  • Unlike other pooling models this is a “not-for-profit” framework meaning excess income reduces costs in subsequent years
  • Flexible pooling options based on location, type of GSE or operating model
  • Asset ownership to pool members - not never ending capex costs
  • Lower overall costs for all stakeholders
  • A clear "per unit / per use" cost model allowing easier budgeting and cost control
  • Strengthening of stakeholder positions within the airport market
  • Optimised GSE numbers and utilisation
  • Professional, clear management using state of the art telemetry and accounting systems